HOUSTON, TEXAS –The Department of Energy recently procured new PLx® 1-8×24 FFP Compact Rifle Scopes with the ACSS® Griffin MIL M8 Reticle through Primary Arms Government, the exclusive government distributor of Primary Arms Optics products.

The PLx 1-8x24mm FFP Compact Rifle Scope is a cutting-edge rifle optic designed to excel in military, law enforcement, and security applications. At under 9.3 inches and 17 ounces, this optic is one of the shortest and lightest 1-8x rifle scopes on the market. Performance-wise, this optic delivers premium quality glass, an unrivaled field of view (121ft @ 100yd), and a first focal plane reticle with built-in ranging and yard-based, meter-based, or MIL-based holdover stadia.

For professionals in the field, this scope is a significant force multiplier without adding excessive weight or size to duty rifles. As the sole government distributor of this optic, Primary Arms Government is proud to support the Department of Energy in their procurement.

“After extensive testing and evaluation, the Primary Arms Optics PLx 1x8x24 Compact Scope with the ACSS® Griffin Mil reticle was selected for procurement by the Department of Energy,” says Kelly Rosenberger, Director of Government Programs and Sales. “This success underscores the continuous commitment of Primary Arms Optics to showcase innovation to our valued agency partners, fueled by the Primary Arms Government Universal Test and Evaluation program.”

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About Primary Arms Government
Our mission at Primary Arms Government is to ensure every professional has the tools and equipment they need to do their job as safely and as effectively as possible, so at the end of the shift, they all go home. With 14 years of manufacturing, retailing, and wholesaling experience, Primary Arms opened its Government division in 2019, supporting professionals with access to over 600 top brands across 150+ product categories. Primary Arms Government offers industry-leading service with responses to quotes in two (2) business days or less, and no minimum order quantities. In addition, Primary Arms Government provides its partners a full suite of complimentary amenities, including Agency demo days and Test and Evaluation (T&E) opportunities, a complete trade-in program, technical product support, and more. Primary Arms Government is the exclusive distributor for the patented ACSS reticle, available in various configurations with Primary Arms Optics’ duty-proven products. Primary Arms Government is also one of Texas’s Authorized Glock Law Enforcement Distributors.

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